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About Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius)

Significance of Pandan to Improve Natural Health and Wellness

Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) is a staple spice and herb in Malaysia, Thailand, and across Southeast Asia. Most commonly it is used in the form of powder, essential oil, infused water extract, or paste. However, its leaves can be directly added and eaten in some dishes. Pandan’s health and wellness-related benefits are very potent as it is a traditional and natural cure to many health conditions.

Regulation of High Blood Pressure

Pandan is essentially helpful to reduce and regulate high blood pressure. Its leaves contain a significant amount of potassium that helps to regulate the electrolytic balance in the human body and controls the healthy range of blood pressure. Its leaves are imbued with various polyphenol antioxidants and thereby offer powerful antihypertensive characteristics. Consumers can add a few pandan leaves in the billing water along with lemongrass and honey to control elevated blood pressure levels.

Improved Respiratory Functioning

Pandan leaves have beneficial properties to reduce unwanted nasal and lung secretions and serve as instant remedies to heal fever and cold. Its leaves also offer antiviral and antipyretic properties for curing seasonal allergies and fevers and boosting immunity levels. Pandan leaf paste or powder can be added to daily meals to control colds and fevers.

Relieving Joint Pain

Pandan leaves contain significant levels of anti-inflammatory agents and help to heal aching muscles, joints, and bones by healing swelling and cramps and improving flexibility and mobility of connective tissues. The extracted oil from pandan can be used to massage painful areas to promote health and bone strength.

Preventing Constipation and Detoxification of Body and Liver

Daily-based consumption of pandan tea is greatly helpful to overcome and prevent the constipation problem. While regular use of pandan leaf extract or powder helps discharge toxins from the body, this detoxification is directly related to improved human health and wellness.

Treating Fungal Infections on Skin

Pandan leaves offer effective treatments for fungal infections on the skin. Better results can be obtained by using its leaf extract in the form of tea. Results of scientific studies have reported that significant effective results are obtained within 3-5 days of regular consumption.

Relieving Headache and Insomnia

Pandan leaf extract offers relaxing and calming effects on human health and is a perfectly fine remedy to get rid of headaches. Its leaves contain specific alkaloid compounds that help consumers to sleep better by reducing anxiety, tension, and depression. Anxiety can be specifically reduced by consuming the diluted fluid of pandan leaves. It should be consumed 2-3 times daily to get better and more effective results.

Improved Skin and Hair Growth

Pandan leaves greatly nourish the skin and hair and helps to reduce dandruff from the scalp. Its regular use with shampoos can restore the shine on dull hair. Moreover, its application on the skin helps to treat skin burns and other skin conditions. Pandan leaves are a rich source of essential oils and therefore help to boost and maintain overall health and wellness. Furthermore, it is also good for people suffering from reduced appetite, and lower body stamina.


About Lemongrass Dried Stalk (Cymbopogon citratus)

Lemongrass is a well-known tall-growing herb and is known to be native to Southeast Asia and India. However, it is being grown throughout the globe for culinary and medicinal purposes. Its bulbs and stalks produce a lemony, fresh, and clean scent so is used for making teas, broths, curries, and marinades. Therefore, this article is focused to discuss the benefits of lemongrass.

Nutritional Profile

One tablespoon of lemongrass provides 0.4 mg iron, 2.9 mg magnesium, 0.2 g manganese, 34 mg potassium, 3 mg calcium, and 5 calories. It also contains fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, niacin, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin A. lemongrass flavored oils are being sold in the market, but buyers should take care before buying lemongrass extracts or oils. Lemongrass oil is made by mixing its extract with the cooking oil and may not be much effective. Preparing extract or juice at home is more helpful in terms of health, and nutritional benefits.

Minimizing Bloating

Consuming lemongrass extract or its tea offers diuretic effects and stimulates the kidneys to produce more urine. Results of scientific studies have shown that the use of lemongrass is more helpful for minimizing bloating than synthetic medicines. Its diuretic effects are even more beneficial for reducing the water retention causing bloating. This bloating is also an indication of premenstrual syndrome and helps to treat these problems on a sustainable basis.

Production of Red Blood Cells

Regular drinking of lemongrass tea for thirty days helps to increase the hemoglobin concentration, red blood cells, and packed cell volume. The mechanisms lying behind the production of red blood cells by drinking lemongrass tea are not well known yet. Researchers are of the point that the production of these cells could be attributed to their antioxidative properties.

Enhancing Oral Health

Many people chew the lemongrass stalks to promote dental health and mouth cleaning. A scientific study was focused to compare the results of twelve different herbs for inhibiting bacterial growth in the labs. Findings have revealed that lemongrass is most effective to reduce the bacteria causing cavities in the mouth.

Lowering Cholesterol

The use of lemongrass oil and the extract is essentially beneficial to reduce cholesterol and the chances of heart attacks and cardiovascular disorders. The level of lowering cholesterol is dependent on the dosage and consumption of about 100 mg of its essential oil is considered safe.

Weight Control

Consumption of lemongrass tea offers good detoxification and helps to boost metabolic activities for losing weight. Replacement of soft drinks with lemongrass tea is also helpful to target the ideal weight loss goals. However exclusive drinking of lemongrass tea is not recommended as it can cause some side effects.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation can cause significant deterioration to several body organs and may enhance the risk of diseases and disorders. Geranial and citral compounds present in the lemongrass offer good anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, its regular and optimal consumption can help from different diseases.

Antifungal and Antimicrobial Properties

The topical application of lemongrass extract and essential oil is helpful to reduce fungal and bacterial skin infections. Its oral consumption is also helpful to reduce the effects of pneumonia, food poisoning, and urinary tract infections.



Our herbal products and texts are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any sickness. If you have a serious health problem or medicinal questions please consult a physician. Please also always consult a doctor before you wanna change your personal or medical lifestyle. Our herbal products can have positive effects on your health. The dosage information shown on our website is just a suggestion. If you have any further questions about the ingredients of our products don’t hesitate to contact us.

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