Organic Plai Root Powder

Zingiber cassumunar


Plai is an important plant that is used all over the world for its medicinal properties. Although it resembles ginger concerning its appearance, it has some important health-related properties that make it a very unique species.

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About Plai Root Powder (Zingiber cassumunar)

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Zingiber cassumunar belongs to the family Zingiberaceae. It is commonly known as Plai and is a perennial plant. Plai grows in Thailand where its roots are collected, and the essential oil is extracted from these roots. It is an important plant that is used all over the world for its medicinal properties. Plai roots are collected and later on steam distilled to produce the essential oil that plays an important role to treat several disorders related to bones, muscles, respiratory system, and reproductive system. Although it resembles ginger concerning its appearance, it has some important health-related properties that make it a very unique species.

Benefits of Using Plai

Traditionally this species has been used to treat pain, inflammation, and respiratory problems. Plai oil has long been known for its properties as an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, analgesic, and relaxing oil. The rhizomes are the main part of the plant that constitute many therapeutic agents like curcuminoids, phenylbutenoids, and essential oils.
Plai oil is used to treat various health disorders and fitness-related issues like sports injuries, sprains, bruises, blood spills, migraine, low back pain, muscle complaints, bursa inflammations, frozen shoulder, and rheumatic conditions. Plai oil is thought to be an excellent pain reliever. Studies show that it can reduce pain resulting from even severe injuries. There are several health benefits of Plai some of which are described below.

Antioxidant Activities

Plai is well known for its antioxidant properties. And many scientific studies have proved that it contains some important antioxidants. Curcuminoids present in Z. cassumunar inhibit the decrease in cell viability of thymocytes induced by hydrogen peroxide. They also protect cells that are suffering from oxidative stress induced by hydrogen peroxide.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Plai has been found to ease the pain for up to several hours and this property is quite impressive when compared to other oils. Joint inflammation due to injury can be treated using Plai along with Piper nigrum, Cedrus deodora, Citrus limon, and Citrus aurantium. These combinations can take down swelling and ease the pain and speed up the healing time. Its anti-spasmodic property works in coordination with its anti-inflammatory quality to treat muscle spasms.

Pain Reliever

Plai oil has recently shown a growing interest among many aromatherapists as an effective pain reliever. Studies show that it is effective in reducing pain and inflammation in very painful injuries and provides relief in conditions like arthritis. Plai is similar to ginger but it is considered more potent. One of the big differences to be noted is while ginger acts as a warming oil, Plai’s analgesic effect makes it a cooling oil thus helping in the reduction of swelling.
In traditional medicine, Plai extract has been utilized to relieve minor pain and ache due to the presence of essential oils such as Curcumin. Curcumin is an effective ingredient in this extract used for arthritis treatment, anti-inflammation, and pain relief. It works by numbing the nerve endings that result in pain and strain alleviation

Other uses

In Plai extract the other important ingredient found is veratrole (4-4-hydroxy-1-butenyl) which can perform vasodilating and asthmatic symptoms alleviating activities in chronic asthma patients. Additionally, this extract is also used as a component in mosquito repellent due to its pleasant odor and non-irritating property. Plai has also been recommended as a treatment for menstrual problems.



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