Organic Neem Leaf Powder

Azadirachta indica


Neem is traditionally used because of its’ love-enhancing properties, additional effects are stimulating, relaxing, a sense of well-being, improved sleep, and increased mental stamina.

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About Neem (Azadirachta indica)

Importance of Neem to promote natural health and overall wellness

Azadirachta indica has been introduced extensively in tropical as well as subtropical regions. It has become popular in several countries where it is cultivated and used as a multipurpose tree. It is usually considered native to dry areas in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, India, and Myanmar. It has also been recently introduced in Saudi Arabia, Australia, the Philippines, tropical Africa, and central and south America. It has been used as a source of shade in houses in these countries. Therefore, this article is focused to highlight the significance of using neem for promoting overall health and wellness.

Neem tree has vast climatic adaptability and can grow under sub-humid to semi-arid and arid climatic conditions. It produces bisexual flowers or male flowers on the same tree that are pollinated by insects. Neem is best known for its anti-aging properties. As neem has antioxidant properties, it provides protection to skin from pollutants and other skin-damaging factors. Vitamins and fatty acids in neem help to maintain the elasticity of the skin. This makes the skin look attractive and youthful.
Some important health benefits of this tree are described below.

Antifungal and Anti-bacterial Properties

Neem leaves contain chemicals that can be used to treat fungal and bacterial infections. They are used to treat chickenpox as well as warts. The infected person is recommended to take a bath in neem water or the leaf paste is applied to the skin. Foot fungi can also be treated using neem.

Improving Bone Health

Neem leaves contain calcium which helps to make bones strong as well as reduce inflammation in bones and joints. In many herbal treatments, neem oil or neem leaves are prescribed to patients to reduce arthritic pain and stiffness originating with age. Regular skin massage with neem oil also helps maintain bone health.

Enhancing immunity

Many Ayurveda experts suggest the daily use of neem capsules. Neem tea also helps reduce fever. Since neem has a bitter taste so the tea also tastes the same but works magically.

Natural toothbrush

It is an age-old tradition in many south Asian countries to chew neem twigs for dental care and hygiene. Due to its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and anti-bacterial properties neem keeps away several dental infections and diseases.

Strengthens hair

Neem also promotes hair quality and improves hair growth. Neem paste is used as a hair conditioner. Neem can also help curb dandruff. It strengthens hair follicles thus promoting hair growth also. It provides nourishment to the roots of hairs making them strong and shiny.

Healing Properties

Neem contains chemicals that help heal wounds without leaving ugly scars. It also helps as an effective antiseptic. For this purpose, neem oil can be applied to wounds. Neem oil contains some important fatty acids that trigger wound healing.

Insecticidal Properties

Many people use neem-soaked cotton or burn neem leaves to keep harmful insects away. Mosquitoes can be effectively controlled in this way. As the smoke from neem leaves is irritating for many such insects so it can be an effective remedy to keep such insects away.



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