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About Organic Lavender Tea Buds (Lavandula)

Significance of Lavender to Improve Natural Health and Overall Wellness

Lavender belongs to the mint family and is a flowering plant and is well known for its essential oils, and medicinal uses. Its color and fragrance are specific traits of this plant. Lavender was being used as an additive in Rome, Greece, and Persia in ancient times. The earliest use of lavender was reported in Egypt for the mummification process. Its use has also been reported for the treatment of various ailments and medical conditions. Therefore, this article is focused to highlight the significance of lavender in improving overall wellness and natural health.

Treatment of Skin Conditions

Lavender is a rich source of linalyl acetate and linalool that fights well against inflammation. Lavender oil is used for fighting the skin conditions and disorders such as rashes, itching, psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. The application of lavender oil on the wounds also speeds up the wound healing process by promoting collagen production, and growth, and boosting the tissue remodeling of the skin.

Treatment of Burns and Acne

Lavender oil is gentle to the skin as compared to other skincare products and gently helps to treat acne and burns. Lavender has good antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and its regular use helps to keep skin healthy by eliminating microbial populations.

Reducing Depression

The use of lavender tea and essential oils is known to reduce anxiety and depression. Findings of a scientific study have reported that lavender aromatherapy helps to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress in women after childbirth. Researchers have also shown that patients inhaling lavender scent for 1-2 hours during the dialysis helps to reduce stress and depression.

Reducing Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Aromatherapy is greatly helpful to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment and chemotherapy. It helps the patients to stay relaxed and calm by reducing anxiety and stress.

Treatment of Migraine and Headache

Lavender offers significant calming effects to soothe migraine and headaches. A study was focused to check the effects of lavender therapy on people suffering from headaches and migraines. All participants reported reduced frequency and severity of headaches.

Hair Loss

Topical application of lavender oil is helpful for the treatment of alopecia aerate that causes hair fall in the pattern of patches. It is also possible to massage lavender oil by blending it with rosemary oil, thyme, cedarwood, and other carrier oils. Results of animal-based studies have also shown that lavender oil causes successful stimulation of hair growth only after regular application of 28 days.

Relieving Menstrual Pain and Colic Pain

A study was focused to test the effects of smelling the lavender oil on menstrual pain in women. Women smelling lavender scent for about thirty minutes on daily basis reported less pain during periods. Other studies have suggested that topical application of lavender oil on the abdomen also helps to reduce menstrual pain. Moreover, massaging lavender oil on the infants’ bodies is also helpful to reduce colic pain.

Reducing Fungal Infections

Lavender oil has good antifungal properties and helps to reduce fungal infections. Its essential oil exerts lethal effects on a wide range of fungal strains responsible for causing skin diseases and infections. Essential oils destroy the fungal cell membranes on a wide spectrum.



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