Organic Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder

Citrus hystrix


Because of its’ organic compounds, which are powerful to the human body system, Kaffir Lime is used in herbal medicine for centuries.

● 100% NATURAL


About Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder (Citrus hystrix)

Kaffir Lime is a tropical fruit-bearing plant is known to be native to the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Asia. It has a good history of use for culinary and medicinal purposes. It is a significantly rich source of bioactive and organic compounds and exerts positive influences on the body and health. Therefore, this article is focused to discuss the health benefits of consuming Kaffir Lime.

Improving Hair Growth and Reducing Baldness

The application of Kaffir Lime leaf extract and juice on the scalp helps to improve hair care and hair health. Application of mixtures and decoctions helps to reduce the baldness patterns among the males and strengthen the hair follicles. It is also helpful for skin moisturization and thus improves the hair’s shine and appearance and prevents dandruff.

Boosting Immunity

Kaffir Lime possesses significantly good antioxidative and antibacterial properties and offers good improvement in the immunity system. Its use both in the form of topical application and oral consumption is helpful to improve health and wellness. Topical application helps prevent skin bacteria and infections. It also improves and stimulates the immunity system by exerting antioxidative effects and treating gastrointestinal diseases.

Reducing Inflammation

The use of Kaffir Lime is an effective remedy to reduce the inflammation associated with gout, edema, arthritis, and rheumatism. Topical application of its leaf extract, oil, or juice helps to reduce pain and discomfort. Studies have shown that consumption of its fruit also offers similar beneficial effects. It is also beneficial to treat migraines, and headaches due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin Care

Kaffir Lime extract and juice are added to various skin care products and cosmetics for their wonderful antioxidative properties and smell. The acids present in the Kaffir Lime helps for the neutralization of free radicals and dangerous byproducts resulting due to cellular respiration. The improper removal and deposition of these harmful byproducts can cause cancer, apoptosis, and cell mutation. The extent and chances of the problem can be greatly reduced by using Kaffir Lime juice and extract. The presence of antioxidants also minimizes cellular breakdown and reduces the appearance of pimples, scars, and age marks.

Insect Repellent Properties

Kaffir Lime is being used as an insect repellent in some tropical countries. The presence of limonene and citronellol in this plant makes it unattractive for the insects and protects the growers from disease-causing insects. Its topical application by mixing it with the salve or lotion is helpful to reduce the chances of getting bitten by the insects.

Improving Digestive Health

Kaffir Lime possesses good anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of bioactive compounds and phytochemicals. Its regular and optimal consumption is helpful to improve the health of the digestive system. It is also a good remedy for people suffering from indigestion, and constipation. Kaffir Lime helps to prevent the chances of gastrointestinal problems such as gastric ulcers, and colorectal cancer hemorrhoids.

Blood Detoxification

Kaffir Lime oil is used with numerous traditional decoctions for people suffering from chronic blood-related issues and blood-borne problems. The presence of unique volatile compounds in Kaffir Lime helps to eliminate foreign agents, and pathogens in the blood. Moreover, it is also helpful for the detoxification of the lymphatic system and liver.



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