Organic Jiaogulan Leaf Powder

Gynostemma pentaphyllum


Jiaogulan is an adaptogen that has the capability to restore homeostasis to all 5 systems (the nervous, reproductive, immune, digestive, and cardiovascular systems) of the body.

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About Jiaogulan Leaf Powder (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)

Jiaogulan is also known as the herb of mortality and has a long history of use in herbal and traditional medicine. It is also known as poor man’s ginseng because it provides similar benefits at lesser costs as compared to ginseng. It produces gypenosides that help boost the immune system, providing cellular protection, and promoting higher energy levels. Therefore, this article is focused to discuss the health and wellness benefits of using Jiaogulan.

Reducing Anxiety

The use of Jiaogulan leaf extract helps reduce stress and anxiety associated with chronic psychological disorders. Results of a study conducted on mice have shown that active compounds present in the Gnyostemma help to reduce the chronic stress and anxiety due to Parkinson’s disease.

Weight Loss

Supplementation of its extract for 10-12 weeks helps to reduce fat mass and body weight. The bioactive compounds present in the Jiaogulan helps to enhance the blood flow during the exercises and improve the exercising capacity. Thus, people can do exercise for longer times and will be able to lose fats and weight faster. It also helps to improve the sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin by the activation of energy sensors molecules. Regular and optimal use of its extract is also helpful to reduce the proteins that lead to obesity and insulin sensitivity reduction.

Diabetic Treatment

Drinking Jiaogulan tea regularly for 10-12 weeks helps to reduce blood sugar levels and optimize insulin resistance. Animal-based studies have shown that Jiaogulan regulates blood sugar levels and enhances the antioxidative enzymatic activities by promoting specific transcriptive factors. It also reduces the pathways leading to cholesterol production in cellular-based studies.

Improved Heart Health

The presence of saponins in the Jiaogulan helps to release nitric oxide from the blood vessels. This helps for relaxation, increasing blood flow, regulating blood pressure, and reducing the atherosclerosis risks. This herb possesses blood-thinning properties and helps to reduce blood platelets aggregation and ameliorate plaque buildup.

Cancer Prevention

Jiaogulan helps to fight against cancer by exerting preventing effects on different types of cancers. It enhances the body’s natural defense system and boosts immunity. A strong immune system can easily prevent the formation of tumors and cancerous cells. Its regular use offers significant antioxidative effects and helps scavenge the free radicals in the body.
Moreover, it minimizes the DNA mutations that lead to the formation of cancerous cells and tumors. Furthermore, saponins (Polysaccharides, flavonoids) found in the Jiaogulan offer significant anticancer effects. Scientific studies have shown its effectiveness to fight against the different types of cancers such as sarcoma, leukemia, cervix, skin, stomach, brain, mouth, lung, and liver.

Protection and Strengthening of the Nervous System

Jiaogulan offers significant protection to the nervous system and enhances the functioning of the peripheral and central nervous system through antioxidative properties, and nitric oxide regulation. Nitric oxide has a direct role to improve memory and learning by helping the brain nerve cells for proper communication. It has good involvement in the release of neurotransmitters neural regeneration, and development, regulation of gene expression, and synaptic plasticity.



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