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About Chamomile Dried Buds (Matricaria chamomilla)

Significance of Chamomile to Improve Natural Health and Overall Wellness

Chamomile has a significant reputation for health, wellness, and healing. It belongs to the Asteraceae family and its flowers are rich sources of flavonoids and terpenoids that contribute to its major medicinal properties. Researchers and medicinal companies have developed various chamomile formulations, but the use of chamomile tea is most effective and popular. Chamomile preparations are commonly used for treating hemorrhoids, rheumatic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, wounds, ulcers, insomnia, menstrual disorders, muscular spams, inflammations, and hay fever. Therefore, this article is focused to highlight the significance of chamomile to promote natural health, and overall wellness.

Reduced Dark Circles and Skin Conditions

Chamomile has strong properties to treat dark circles and skin conditions such as eczema and mild inflammation. Placing the used or fresh chilled tea bags under the eyes helps to reduce puffiness and lighten the darkness.

Treatment of Cold Symptoms

Results of scientific studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that inhaling the steam containing chamomile extract is helpful to relieve the common cold symptoms. However, only inhaling the steam is not sufficient and some other curative measures should also be taken.

Treating Insomnia

The bioactive compounds in chamomile essentially help to make people feel relaxed and fall asleep. The effectiveness of chamomile in this aspect has also been tested clinically and results have shown that people can fall asleep easily in a shorter time after consuming this tea. Other than helping for sound sleep it is also helpful to make people feel relaxed by reducing anxiety, stress, and fear.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Chamomile helps the targeted killing of the cancer cells and also prevents the development of cancerous cells in the first place. Pre-clinical models and studies have shown promising cancer anti-inhibitory effects on ovarian, breast, prostate, and skin cancer cells.

Reduced Vaginal Inflammation

Nowadays vaginal inflammation has become a common problem in females of all ages. This inflammation causes painful urination, vaginal discharge, and itching. Mostly this issue is common among postmenopausal and menopausal women and causes reduced estrogen levels. The use of chamomile in any formulation can help to reduce vaginal inflammation, and itching.

Treatment of Diabetics

Regular use of chamomile causes amelioration of diabetics and hyperglycemia complications by increasing glycogen storage in the liver, reducing blood sugar levels, and inhibiting sorbitol in the erythrocytes of human beings. Pharmacological activities of chamomile are independent of the secretions of insulin and offer protective effects against oxidative stresses.

Reducing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis results from the lower bone mass and is a metabolic bone-related disease. The use of chamomile extract is essentially helpful to prevent bone loss by stimulating osteoblastic cell differentiation and exhibiting the anti-estrogenic effects.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Chamomile extract is significantly helpful to treat hemorrhoids by applying it in the form of ointment. Chamomile tinctures are also being used in the form of sitz baths to reduce inflammation.

Cardiovascular Conditions

Flavonoids found in chamomile tea are helpful to treat heart-related diseases and disorders. Results of scientific findings have reported that flavonoids intake in human beings reduces the mortality rate associated with coronary heart diseases.

Antiphlogistic and Anti-inflammatory Properties

Chamomile flowers contain volatile oils including matricin, alpha-bisabolol oxides B, alpha-bisabolol A, and alpha-bisabolol that possess powerful antiphlogistic and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile essential oils and flavonoids can easily penetrate through the skin layers and immediately offers to relieve properties.



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